Jun 12, 2020


Working with the federal government is a proven method for building your business.
For many , it’s a consistent stream of revenue. Some business owners will even start entities just for working government
contracts. Either way, the biggest turning point is winning that first contract.

Once your first contract is awarded and fulfilled, and past performance is established, the opportunities can just keep flowing
What you will find in this guide are the steps for getting started and winning government contracts. It’s more
than just doing the paperwork and submitting bids. It’s about setting up your business to thrive in the federal
marketplace and establishing the foundations to build a solid stream of revenue

This guide was developed by the experts at SAS GPS. We’re one of the top firms in the nation specializing in government contracting, winning over $40 Billion dollars for our clients. For over 16 years, we’ve been helping businesses both large and small get established as government contractors. We hope this guide serves you well and we’re always available if you need assistance.

If you are looking to bid on a government contract or looking to get started in government contracting, get a FREE government contracting evaluation from SAS GPS for your business by visiting or by calling (262) 754 8712, Monday Friday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM Central Time.


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