Have you ever stopped to ponder for a few minutes who you have driving your business to the next Federal Award Station?

If you are like most organizations, your senior leadership team is so busy with operational issues that little time is spent reflecting on the effectiveness of some of your core Federal business capture practices. For example, do you know how many solicitations you bid in the last year? Do you track your win percentage? How about your cost to respond to each opportunity? And perhaps most importantly, what is the opportunity cost of utilizing the resources you devote to writing your RFP response proposal?

These may not be comfortable questions with which to grapple.

This is precisely why Federal proposal writing outsource firms exist.

If you do take an objective look at the time you take and the results you get by writing and managing all your Federal proposals, you may be surprised at what is not being done because of this drain on valuable resources. When one considers the fact that not only your key subject matter experts, but your senior leadership team is distracted from other pressing operational, that is customer service, related issues, the cost becomes much higher. Add to that the fact that most operations leaders are not born writers, and you may find that your win percentage is not as high as it could be either.

If you find that it may be time to look outside for expert Federal proposal writing support, know that you can ask for firm fixed prices in advance of any engagement so as to solidify and limit your risk to help you make that all-important bid/no-bid decision. Often you will find, through the outsource proposal writer teleconference interview process that just talking with an outside expert will add insight and build your confidence in the overall Federal business capture practice. With the best Federal proposal writing firms you will even find assistance in assembly of the winning team complete with all the right subject matter experts, set-aside partners, and past performance experience.

To set up a teleconference with an experienced Federal proposal writing project manager to see if this is a fit on your next bid response, call Sales Automation Support, Inc at 1+262-754-8712.