Computer technology has changed the world – but the determination of its value versus the price to be paid can be tenuous indeed without good security in place. SAS professionals understand this well, and we stay abreast of changes in technology in order to help our customers keep IT systems secure.


With 16+ years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us to help you with your next information technology related solicitation response.
We provide a professional service which includes a consultation, free estimate, complete proposal development including the writing, package design & shipping.



Our firm uses a Firm-Fixed Pricing Model, giving you greater confidence in your bid/no-bid decision process.


It’s a relatively new term compared to industries like Construction or Janitorial Services, but it’s no less important to the operation of modern business. Even from the first launch of the Internet in the mid-nineties, Information Technology (IT) has required staunch measures to ensure that the data that is used, exchanged, and displayed on computers remains safe from manipulation or theft. Today, as computer systems become more and more integrated with business infrastructure, the need to keep business data secure is absolutely critical to keeping companies up and running.

IT is everywhere. It is a part of the web sites you visit, the social media you use, and the way you read the news or check your bank account balance. Computers are tied to nearly everything today: cars are monitored by onboard computers and guided by GPS systems, often featuring built-in communication systems like Bluetooth and emergency monitoring systems like OnStar. Even medical devices can be computerized – some heart pacemakers are able to be monitored and adjusted from outside the body via computer. It is what your smartphone is based upon.

At the core of all of this, regardless of usage or industry, is the security of those systems. Whether your business uses computers to house its proprietary data, track its accounting, or even engineer other computer systems, it will need a way to keep its digital information safe from theft or intrusion. That process, called cyber-security, has become a major part of most every business-related operation in use today.

For this reason, IT cyber-security influences a great many industries, including but in no way limited to:

  • Financial networks
  • Retail business
  • Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Security systems


SAS professionals encounter IT-based solicitations on a regular basis. These types of RFPs are ubiquitous, particularly in Government applications outside of the military. For this reason, SAS has on staff former IT professionals who are familiar with where computer technology came from, where it is today, and where it’s headed – important knowledge to have when our customers have so much technical information to convey in their proposals.

Incorporated by Michelle Keshel and Tim Peterson in 2002, SAS GPS has established itself as a preeminent provider of detailed proposals around the globe. Request a quote today and we can show you examples of successful proposals we have written addressing a wide variety of industry quality and safety considerations. Our team will save you time, build your confidence, and help you avoid making costly mistakes.


Throughout the life of our company, we have written over 2000+ proposals spanning many industries and divisions.



Our seniors are all former military and are engineers. No matter what their background, they ALL understand the construction industry.


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Supply all Radios to the new Government of Iraq

System wide taxi automation projects - New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London, Sydney, District of Columbia. Recent 6,500 NY "Green" Taxi systems expansion, and the NYC approved eHail operator, and City of Chicago approved eHail operator contracts

ITS - Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)

ITS - Greater Richmond Transit Authority (GRTA)

ITS – Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) (ITS Upgrade with Radio integration)

ITS – MASSPORT, Logan International Airport

ITS – Memphis – MATA

ITS – Nashville – NMTA

ITS – Pioneer Valley Region, MA – PVTA

ITS – Ottawa, Canada

Disney World Transportation (Division of Disney – handling worldwide guest and logistics transportation operations) (all guest transportation assets – including the monorail cars in FL parks)


$30+ Billion Won For Our Proposal Clients

We’ve won in each of these categories:

– Infrastructure
– Security
– Service and Support
– Equipment
– Ruggedized Computers

This IT-based experience, added to our core business development and proposal writing and management skills, has helped our customers win literally millions of dollars’ worth of contracts over the years.

Our ability to adapt to changes in security technology and learn new concepts quickly gives our customers the confidence to bid on even the biggest contracts, some of which ultimately influence thousands or even millions of lives.

Every solicitation is different and requires different resources, but we are happy to discuss your project with you for free!

Call us today at 262.754.8712 or contact us here for your no-obligation project review and quote!


Bob Martin

I use SAS to support our complex Heavy Civil Construction project proposals; especially those for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They are highly dependable and very knowledgeable in this domain. We enjoy the fact that we are working with the same team of people who know our business and capabilities. We also appreciate that they are always available.

Their approach has consistently reduced the time and effort needed to win projects, and their processes and technology significantly reduce the burden on our engineers and construction management personnel during the proposal process. I would recommend SAS to any firm bidding on complex Federal projects that require keen attention to detail and a high degree of technical knowledge to win.

Bob Martin

Regional Manager | Michels Corporation

Jason Gremour


David and Brian have been great thus far, great service and support, but I wanted to emphasize Ben White’s participation/performance. Since becoming involved, Ben has provided exceptional clarity, guidance, and leadership throughout this process. I feel confident in our proposal, due in large part, to Ben’s exceptional attention to detail, organization skills, and recommendations.

In this fast-paced, stressful, and demanding business we are in, it is often difficult to slow down and give recognition when it is due, and Peer-to-Peer accolades are rare. You are fortunate to have Ben White on your team. From myself and ORSA, I wanted to express that Ben has our utmost confidence, and reflects greatly on SAS now, and in the future.

Excellence is earned – it is not given – and Ben has earned it.

Jason Gremour

Business Development Executive | ORSA Technologies, LLC

Rit Thompson

SA Team, MBS would like to advise you that it received a big Christmas Eve gift in the form of the Fed Reserve award. We all appreciate that you folks jumped in and bailed us out on short notice and our local operations and admin streamed the input to put together a coherent package. We look forward to firing up the team again in 2016.

Rit Thompson

CEO | Metropolitan Building Services

Tony Rakestraw

I received my copy of the proposal for MDA this morning. This is the most “outstanding” proposal one could ever hope for. Please pass on my admiration for a super super job well done to all that participated. As always, we are always hopeful for a winning proposal, that said, even if we don’t win the experience of working with Sales consulting has been an eye-popping experience for SkyTech and I am one happy customer.

Many Thx.

Tony Rakestraw

President & CEO | Skytech Security

Rick Mollenhoff

We worked with SAS GPS to support our complex USACE MATOC contract. Our proposal consisted of 2 very detailed volumes and a construction schedule which Christopher prepared. Christopher was highly dependable and very knowledgeable in federal proposal writing and construction.

His approach, process and procedures, and overall knowledge helped us to prepare a technical proposal that went above and beyond to meet the solicitation requirements. We would recommend SAS GPS  to any firm bidding on complex Federal projects, MATOC contracts, and complex construction contracts which require keen attention to detail and a high degree of technical knowledge to win.

AllTech Engineering Corp
Rick Mollenhoff

Vice President & Project Manager | AllTech Engineering Corp

Chris Tyrka

SAS has been out main go-to for RFP writing services for several years now. They took the initiative with our in-house past performance library and have literally become an extension of our marketing team – we have a true partnership.

Having worked with Chris Antosiak more recently, I can speak to his construction industry knowledge and ability to streamline the RFP process while also creating an unrestricted pipeline of communication and information.

Chris Tyrka

Operations Manager | Cornerstone Contracting, Inc.

Gary Orr

Good morning gentlemen,

I wanted to say thank you for your assistance. Glad we captured it and look forward to winning more with you as part of my team.

Thank you again.

Gary Orr

Contract Specialist | Quality Litigation Services

Suresh Iyer

On behalf of the entire team at Infospectrum, I want to thank you and your team for timely support and guidance in getting a professional makeover to our proposal.

We learned a lot in this process and we feel confident of taking on similar challenges in the near future and count on your team’s professional support.

Suresh Iyer

CEO | Infospectrum


We’ve been awarded the Taji DDCO Warehouse contract. This has been a super win for us and as we look forward to hopefully a couple more awards, it will help us grow to where we want to be in the next year. So thanks very much for the hard work on this one and all the proposals we’ve done together.

Dan Murray

Director of Contracting | Ain Azmer

Beth Heslowitz

Thank you so much for helping prepare JumpStart's formal response to the VA741-12-Q-0260: Solicitation (Goals of Care Conversations: Eliciting and Respecting Patient Preference Regarding Life-Sustaining Treatments).

You were extremely thorough in your work and very committed to helping us meet our noon deadline today. We appreciate your continuous follow-up throughout the process and your overall dedication to the project. The JumpStart team working on this initiative -- Andrea, David, and I -- found you to be a pleasure to work with.

Beth Heslowitz

Director of Business Development | Jumpstart Healthcare Communications Consultants

John UpChurch

Karen got the call late yesterday afternoon: Odyssey has been awarded the Embry Riddle contract, 100%. We are thrilled, and cannot thank you enough for your skill and professionalism in putting the bid proposal together for us.

John Upchurch

Partner & Lead Attorney | Odyssey Travel

Greg Hayes

I had a great time working with you. I have to admit, I was very nervous about how this one was going to shake out. I think it was flawless and you put a great looking proposal together. I went through it again this morning just to read it once again. The pictures, charts, and layout are like nothing I have seen and hope the military review board appreciates your hard work. I would really like to land a piece of the pie on this MATOC and add that feather to my hat.

Many Thx.

Greg Hayes

Managing Partner | Hasco LLC

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