Why choose FEDSELL to engage with federal contractors?

Sure you can find out which companies register that provide products or services in areas that align with you- But do you know if they are active or interested in specific types of contracts, and exactly when they are? We do. That’s one of our secrets.

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FedSell – How does it work?

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Because there is no sense in bidding if you don’t have the right TEAM!


Our FedSell™ program is designed to engage Federal contractors as new prospective customers for you. We identify and target businesses that are the most relevant to your objectives, are most likely to be bidding or hold contracts in which the products or services you deliver will be needed.

We make the connections for you, and ultimately secure opportunities for you to establish long term accounts with these contractors.

We have the experience and a proven track record of making the essential, initial contacts with these prospective customers.

Our program is successful because we address the fundamental needs of federal contractors and message the right connections to develop more relationships faster.


Our program is delivered to you at a flat fixed price, so that you know what your cost is up front, and that it will not fluctuate.

Each engagement is custom but to give you some indication of how to budget, the setup would be five and a half (5.5) hours or $962.50 and each mailing thereafter would be approximately two and a half (2.5) hours or $437.50.

You can sign up for as many as one mailing per week depending on the size of your market.

We can quote you individually on development of promotional/advertising attachments and website landing pages which are the best way to drive meaningful data analytics and data capture success.

A simple landing page can be offered for as little as eight to ten (8 – 10) hours ($1,400 – $1,750).


SAS-GPS uses a data analytics-driven approach for your Federal contractor account penetration campaign.

Our process is direct, relevant, and highly automated, which enables SAS-GPS to achieve fast results at a very low cost.

FedSell Process

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Having limited government experience and internal resources to devote to strategic team building
is exactly what FedStarter helps small, mid-size, and even large businesses achieve. Watch the video below to learn more.

1. We develop and nurture a marketing database for you that is relevant to the types of contractors you need to find. This database draws relevant and up-to-date data from a SAS-GPS maintained vendors list and shows with a high degree of specificity who we should be contacting to convey your value proposition.

Your marketing database can be tailored to match relevant certifications, award achievement level and more to create an exact targeted list of contractors within the proper industry classification(s).

2. We develop vendor/supplier messages that we will use in the execution of your campaign that include engagement hyperlinks and follow up messaging.

3. We manage and execute the marketing outreach campaign on your behalf. To the recipient, these messages come from you, and when they respond, they are responding to you.

This acts as a self-filtering process wherein you quickly find the most interesting prospects with whom to follow up.

4. The frequencies of mailings are designed to get you in front of potential Federal customers, without overloading targets with offers.

After receiving responses of interest, a follow-up message is sent that includes further evidence of your value proposition and a request to schedule a meeting.

5. We perform analytics weekly to measure message delivery and opening rates, track urls, any unsubscribes, and we update you with a weekly report, and will at multiple points during your campaign brief you on interpretation of the results.

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