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Our federal contract writing service not only simplifies the process for you but also provides comprehensive guidance to ensure the optimal outcome of your proposal. Let us assist you in understanding the intricacies of the process and unlocking the full potential of your proposal.

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Our 3 Step Process

Save time and money by utilizing our experience.
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The SAS-GPS team is equipped with the personnel and experience needed to produce every aspect of your proposal, from technical narrative and work-flow descriptions to past performance and pricing support.



From project collaboration meetings to Red and Gold Team reviews, our staff understands the proposal and media development process clearly from start to finish. Our project developers and managers are here to speak with you.



When your proposal is finalized, we ensure that digital submissions are formatted to the correct size and format. For printed versions, we can coordinate with a print shop near you. In either case, your documents will satisfy submission requirements and reach their destination on time.
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What and how is a government proposal writing service done?

A federal proposal sounds like something delicate and cumbersome to deal with, but it is not the case, you will see many companies trying to win tenders with the state, however, they are not fully informed of what the RFP (requirements for the proposal) is about and in the worst-case scenario they don’t even meet the requirements.

First, there is a legal document that details what is necessary to win a municipal, state, regional, or federal government contract. In it are foundations to which your company must adhere to win a said government contract. This is commonly referred to as the RFP (Request For Proposal).

All companies, small, medium, or large, can (and must) apply for government bibs. This is if they are looking to improve their source of income and if they are, SAS-GPS writers have ample experience in various industries to help you write these RFPs with winning the bid in mind at all times.

RFP Proposal Writing: How does this service work?

The proposal development process can be simple or complex depending on the specific requirements of the government contract you are addressing.

To carry out this type of work, we require all the data that you have on hand to properly prepare the project. According to the government requirements in the RFP, the winning document will be prepared, along with guiding your team to make sure you have the best chance of winning the government bid.

The writing of proposals, when done correctly, must follow all the content and compliance requirements established by the government within the RFP.

Our team of federal proposal expert writers and project managers have years of dedicated experience following increasingly confusing regulations related to government projects in various industries.

And, though every solicitation has its own set of guidelines for what a proposal must contain, the tasks involved in creating one are common to every project.

More than simply gathering information in bulk, SAS-GPS project managers ask the right questions in order to get precisely the information a solicitation requires to ensure compliance with the RFP.

We’ll handle scheduling and leading calls to collect data from your business and your proposed subcontractors. No headache for you, and a more likely win from your proposal.

This is a key piece of the puzzle. Our government contract proposal writers use an active voice to tell your story, weaving key points and themes throughout your proposal.

We’ll ensure that the reader understands your unique qualifications and capabilities clearly.

This ensures that our proposals cover every data point a solicitation requires.

The look and feel of your final proposal are a major part of every development project we undertake. Proposals often require formatting that conforms to specific solicitation requirements such as header and footer content, fonts, margin settings, and page/section orientation.

All these elements must be tied together into a seamless package with a tight, professional appearance.

In addition to written content, proposals benefit greatly from diagrams and illustrations that present large amounts of data in an informational and visually stimulating way.

From organizational charts to workflow diagrams and data tables, SAS-GPS creates compelling visual aids that convey valuable data to the reader without adding “fluff” or taking up unnecessary space.

Even the most well-written proposal is worthless if it doesn’t meet stated requirements. Our government contract proposal writers are skilled at building out proposal templates, taking information directly from instructions, FAR clauses, and ancillary bid documents.

This ensures that our proposals cover every data point a solicitation requires.

Generating the final deliverables is the last step of every proposal project.

Once documents are finalized, we can assist you in their production by sending print-ready files to a print shop local to you, or we can print and ship directly to you.

What can you expect from the SAS-GPS government proposal writing service?

In short, we want you to win your next government bid with the state. Accompanied by the experience that our experienced team has on their backs, best practices are used when presenting a qualified and valuable document.

You must know that when submitting this document to the state, there can be no room for errors, everything must be millimetrically planned.

The content will, therefore, be extremely rich and explicit in offering what the state requirements are asking for. The proposal to be elaborated will focus on those details.

With the help of SAS-GPS, your proposal will exceed previous performance. You will see the quality of the proposal that will be created for the purpose to grow your business.

Our notable proposal writers already know the different governmental spheres, so their proposals are not without technical value, on the contrary, they focus on presenting a script of higher quality.

Presenting the correct information in the best way and at the right time increases the probability of winning the required state bid.

We provide top of the line government contract proposal support so that you lead the offer you are applying for.

Some of the things we are going to help you with are:

1. Once the offer is known and the information to apply, you will know what to include when you present your proposal.
2. The correct way to present your document to the bid.
3. Read between the lines, what the government wants to buy.
4. Know how the government chooses the winning proposal.
5. In the event that the contract requires it, additional paperwork on insurance and workers’ compensation, etc.
6. Adjust the price to a competitive one so that the government takes into account.
7. Is it possible to subsidize a part of the contract? Is it possible to subsidize the entire contract?
8. How to request the required reports?
9. How to make claims or modifications?

One of the main interests of SAS-GPS with government contract proposal support is to be completely transparent. Know what the government wants and always work in the best way so that all parties are happy.

Recommendations when writing a federal proposal

We admire people who strive to always be their best version. SAS-GPS government proposal writing service is designed for you to learn in the process and get the most out of the experience.

Here are some guidelines that we follow that can help you improve your proposals when writing them or looking to seek help:

  • Study the requirement: Many read the document in question superficially and fail to find what is being asked for. A detailed analysis will clear all doubts about what is requested, so we can write just that. If the project is time-sensitive, we highly encourage you to reach out and talk to one of our project specialists to see if we might be a good fit for your company.
  • Clarity and precision: Think about the person who has to read your documents…they will also read who knows how many more, among whom they will only be able to remember the clear message that hits the nail on the head without so much wording.
  • Exquisite calligraphy: It goes without saying that you can not pass this point as if nothing. Nothing like text rich in punctuation, spelling, light to read. All this adds up to when selecting a winner.
  • Avoid technical jargon: Sometimes one must lose the laurels and understand that the competence of your written proposal will have more value when more people can understand it, as not everyone will understand technical words in our field.
  • Reliable and public data: When writing the document, use graphics or maps, which are important for your purpose. Being able to justify and reference the sources of these data will add more value to the proposal.


As you can see, we must afford to look into the details and polish them to get the most benefit. This may influence the decision for our benefit.

We at SAS-GPS consistently help companies in an array of industries win government contracts because we follow each one of these steps and more to the highest level, resulting in consistent and reliable results for our clients.

How likely are you to win a federal proposal?

Writing a federal proposal is not an easy thing if you are not careful when writing and following best practices, your document may not have the necessary weight to win the bid.

TIn other words, the odds of winning the offer, with a document written without the least of planning and strategy, will get you nowhere. We must be very clear about that.

If your company has already won this type of offer with the state before and has successfully carried out the work in different areas/industries, you have more strengths on your side.

In that case, your company has most of the requirements, from machinery and qualified labor personnel for this type of work. You also can demonstrate experience in this type of project. This definitely helps a lot when it comes to choosing the winner of the bid.

If not, we have the tools and database to help you gain experience and partner you up with the right businesses to win your first government contract! One of the main actions to take is to find out how likely you are to win the government contract. Observe the competition and do better than them in every way. Exceed expectations!

SAS-GPS consistently wins over 100 projects annually making us very trustworthy in the government vertical.

When submitting your documentation, the government entity may be looking for new options, and we must take advantage to cause the best imprecision and that our written document be taken into account.

In short, competitiveness is healthy, however, our efforts will always be focused on excelling in every project we have in front of us. The chances of winning a tender with the state are high if you understand what is required and also present just that, with the best data and best practices.

What types of contracts can SAS-GPS help on?

Our experience spans industries from all over the map, from construction to IT to bio-medical to fleet transit and many, many more. Sales Automation Support project managers are extremely capable of getting up to speed quickly as a part of your project team. They’ll ask the right questions, absorb information, and filter content through your subject matter experts to ensure we deliver your message accurately every time.

Contracts issued for work under the purview of the U.S. Government or military

Contracts issued for work in state-run offices and/or agencies

Contracts issued for work pertaining to a town or city or its local government

Proposals geared towards securing contracts between one company and another

SAS-GPS’s wins across multiple, diverse industries demonstrate our proficiency for absorbing complex information quickly and presenting it in a way that contracting officers and review teams can easily understand. When we engage you on a project, we don’t just adapt your own material to fit minimum requirements, we create fresh content as a part of your project team to deliver your message in a compelling, effective way.